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McDonald’s To Launch A Galactic-Themed Spinoff Fast-Food Chain Called ‘CosMc’

by rrollins, July 29, 2023

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In the late 1980s, McDondald’s introduced a rather out-of-this-world character called ‘CosMc’ . The creature was part alien and part vehicle and had a rotund body with a screen, buttons, and several hands reaching out of it—presumably to hold its fries, drink, burger, and Happy Meal toy. He (according to his McDonald’s Wiki fandom page) was first sighted in McDonaldland and seen in a few commercials and even the M.C. Kids video game before seemingly zipping back into space, never to be heard of again.
Until now, that is, as McDonald’s teases a potential spinoff chain designed after CosMc. Details of the new concept were shared during a second-quarter earnings call, where it was said that CosMc will follow in the footsteps of the larger McDonald’s umbrella but will craft its own identity. Judging from its name, one would probably assume a space-themed menu and restaurant to be in the works.
And just like how Grimace has made a pretty purple and sweet comeback for his birthday, CosMc will be beamed back into the McDonald’s crew of characters to join the launch of the new restaurants.
According to CNBC, CosMc will be trialed in a few yet-to-be-announced areas in early 2024. But more information on where and when exactly will only come later this December during its investor’s day.
If you’re scratching your head trying to remember who CosMc is, here’s one of the advertisements he was in.


[via CNBC and Fast Company, cover image generated on AI]

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