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Is search engine optimization dying

by rrollins, May 11, 2022

If you’re reading this article it’s because you or someone you know has said something along the lines of “is search engine optimization dying?” Or, perhaps you’ve sometimes thought SEO was on its last legs and was ready to be digitally shelved. I have 4 reasons why SEO isn’t dying and these are coming from a place of love. The Buzz around SEO is different and enolving currently.

The Buzz around AI


With the advent of AI, search engines are able to pull not just the most popular result for each keyword query, but the most highly relevant results for each user. How does this work? The algorithm learns about your browsing habits and then makes individualized recommendations based on that data. Content driven by AI is written to be more engaging and to address specific questions instead of simply using a few keywords. If you’re curious about how your own content is performing, tools like Google Analytics are also now being run on AI so that they can provide more specific and digestible feedback.

The Buzz about Voice Search

  • Voice search is growing in popularity. According to Google, nearly 20 percent of all searches on Android devices are voice searches. This is an important thing to consider, because it means that more and more people are getting used to asking questions instead of typing. There is a good chance that in the near future, many people will start using voice search as the default way of browsing the internet.
  • Voice search is changing how people search. People who use voice search typically ask longer questions than those who type their queries into a computer or smartphone keyboard. It’s estimated that around 60 percent of all searches on mobile devices take place without a screen involved at all—that means people are literally speaking their queries aloud!

The Buzz about Mobile

SEO Web Search

You’ve probably heard all the buzz about how mobile search is overtaking desktop search, and how local search is becoming more important. There are many reasons for this, including voice activation on mobile devices and the fact that people consult their phones when they’re out and about and using them to do things like find nearby businesses or check reviews. New technology is changing things, too. Companies like Google are working on augmented reality searches that use filters to make people look silly, but also have practical applications—like helping you find a nearby restaurant based on a picture of it.

With all of these changes in mind, it can be hard for businesses to keep up with local search engine optimization and the changes in SEO strategy—which means some strategies will become outdated. But don’t worry!

The Buzz about Social Media

Social Media SEO
Social Media SEO

Yes, but only if you’re doing it wrong.

The real buzz about social media is that it is an ideal platform for SEO. When people search for things like local businesses and services, they use search engines such as Google or Bing to find what they are looking for. Google search engine optimization is something that local SEO optimization agency focus on indepth to ensure your website and product rank high on the the first page. But this is only one of the many ways that potential customers can find your business online. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have also become popular with niche driven searchers because they have a highly visual approach to content as well as user-friendly interface. By optimizing your website for these platforms, you will be able to reach a wider audience and increase the chances of generating more traffic to your site.

A mobile app will also help with this effort; apps make it easy for people who are on-the-go or don’t want to spend time browsing through all of the results in their browser window on desktop computers (or laptop). For these users, having quick access from their phone is often preferable so that they can get straight back into whatever else needs attention when needed most urgently—like work emails!

Whether you are a freelance writer, consultant, small business owner or in charge of a website for a large enterprise, you probably depend on search engines to drive traffic and boost sales. Whenever there is a major change to how search engines work, whether it is through an algorithm update or a change in the content that ranks well, your business could suffer if you don’t adapt to the change. Fortunately, it is still possible to optimize your ranking on search engines. You just have to know how!

The short answer is no. SEO is not dying. It’s evolving.

However, what we know as SEO is changing rapidly and will be more effective if you use it alongside content marketing to improve brand awareness, user engagement and conversion rates.

There are some key factors that have always been important for search engines in order to rank websites highly on their results pages: trust, relevance, authority and of course the right keywords. But today, Google also wants to see a website that is fast, secure and mobile-friendly. A website that is easy to navigate around with great internal links from one page to another; has quality content; shares information on social media platforms; allows readers to make comments on the blog posts etc – a website that people can interact with and enjoy visiting!

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