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6 Realistic & Easy Ways To Get Ranked On Page 1 Of Google

by rrollins, April 24, 2022

I get questions every day “what’s the best way to get organic page 1 on Google?” and I’ve broken down my top 7 ways to do just that.

Ever since Google returned to a more “traditional” view of how they rank websites, tons of small businesses have been left out in the cold looking to get their website showing up in the first page on Google. There are 7 different ways you can get your website on page 1 and some of them are easier than you think.

Featured snippets

Featured Snippets are a part of Google’s algorithm that gets shown in search results when the user types in an exact phrase. Sometimes, they might show up even if the person typed in just one word.

Whichever site you’re reading has probably come up with a strategy to increase its search rankings by figuring out how to get featured snippets on page 1.

While most folks think that getting featured snippets is as easy as throwing any old text into their pages and hoping it shows up, there are some great techniques to use.

Google local

  • Google Local

Google Local is the local business listings that you see on Google Maps and even in the search engine results. There are many different names for this, but by far the most common ones are Google My Business and Local SEO.

The great thing about Google Local is that it’s a less competitive place to rank because there are quite a lot of companies who do not use it or understand how to generate more business from it. It’s also an extremely affordable way to get more customers – because it’s free!

You can claim your listing here:

  • Get good reviews on your listing! This will boost your ranking and give people confidence in buying from you! You can also receive a free web site audit and SEO recommendation plan from our friends at Assuage Tech Group


  • Add images to your posts
  • There’s no excuse not to add at least one image (better yet, more) to every post.
  • Search engines like Google can’t “read” images so you need to use a descriptive filename and alt text.


Videos are a powerful tool to connect with your audience, and they’re the most engaging type of content on social media.

Not only that, Google has its own search engine for videos. And if you didn’t know already, YouTube is owned by Google. So if you want to rank in the top organic search results for your given keywords, you need to include video content in your SEO strategy.

Voice searches are also becoming more popular as people realize how easy it is to ask questions with their phones instead of typing out a query and waiting for results. Assuage Tech Group SEO/ digital marketing department recommed that you create a short 3-minute video explaining complex concepts or answering common questions that people have about your product or service.

Google Ranking For First Page Search Results


  • What Are Sitelinks?

Google sitelinks are the links that appear below the main link in Google search results. They are designed to help users navigate and access specific pages on a website. Here’s an example:


  • Why Are They Important?

Sitelinks have a limited implementation, but they still have their benefits in SEO, especially when it comes to brand searches and related topics your site covers (more on this later). Let’s take a look at those benefits:

  • More real estate: Your listing is gaining more than 70% of space in the first page of SERP results — so people will be able to click through to other pages instead of just your homepage; this will also push competitor listings farther down, increasing your CTR (Click Through Rate).
  • Highly customizable: You can choose which pages you want to be displayed as sitelinks based on how important they are for your business and how useful they might be for customers searching for you online; this could drive more traffic to these pages, or even boost their rankings if Google sees them as having high quality content!

People also ask

  • What is People Also Ask?*

When you type a query into Google, the search engine provides a list of results based on your keywords. If you keep scrolling down the page, there’s also some other helpful information, including images and videos that are relevant to your search. What appears in this section depends on what you searched for; if you type in “how long does it take to get to Mars”, for example, there are pictures of rockets and astronauts. Sometimes, this extra information includes the “People Also Ask” subheading. This feature has been around since 2015—and it’s become an increasingly important part of marketing strategy ever since.

  • Why is People Also Ask Important?*

Ever heard of featured snippets? They’re little boxes that appear above regular Google results and include a brief answer to a question—basically like if Google just guessed what kind of thing you were looking for and gave it to you right away before even taking you to another site or page. The best thing about featured snippets? Having content that appears in them gives your business immense clout with potential customers—and makes them more likely to click through to your website or article than they would otherwise be. How do featured snippets come about? Quite often from questions listed under “People Also Ask.” So one way that getting listed under PAA can help bring more traffic (and gobs of SEO value) towards your business is by making getting those coveted featured snippet slots more likely

Mobile carousel results

Your listing will populate in the mobile carousel when you have the following:

  • Reviews.
  • High quality images. At least three high resolution, well-lit, and clear photos of your product or service are required to qualify for the listing. Google recommends using images that are at least 1200 pixels wide by 900 pixels tall. For best results, use a 360-degree view of your product. You can also upload videos—these need to be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, so make sure your video is uploaded there before submitting it via Google My Business.
  • A fully verified business profile on Google My Business (GMB). If you haven’t already done this for your business, get started with our free guide on how to set up a GMB account here!

7 ways to tap into organic page 1 of Google rankings

There are plenty of different ways to get your website to the top of Google search results, but a solid organic strategy is one of the most important.

Google’s organic search engine results, which appear below the ads and above the local pack, garner about 90% of all clicks.

And yet, less than 5% of marketers have a documented SEO strategy.

Without an SEO strategy in place, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for your site to appear on page 1 and benefit from that valuable real estate!

This is really just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of great websites out there which have excellent guides on SEO. They’re worth a look if you’re serious about taking your business online, and they’ll be invaluable in earning you more traffic to your site as well as more authority from Google.

These areas identified in the above list aren’t very complex, and there is a lot of debate as to what works and what doesn’t. However, there is no doubt that you will get an organic page 1 ranking if you go about it the right way. The site’s popularity and trusted status are probably also huge factors for many people, and of course, if you happened to begin your business with a huge amount of capital (to go back to my earlier point), it would seem silly not to invest your money in promotion from day one. But this discussion has focused on those who need to worry about building a positive reputation within their niche first before they can promote themselves on the internet.

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