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IKEA Fixes ‘Friends’ Sofa Struggle With An Option That Doesn’t Need Pivoting

by rrollins, May 29, 2021

Image via Friends

If you’ve been on the internet the last week, you’d know everyone’s talking about one thing – the Friends reunion. This big pop-culture moment is something fans have been wanting for years, and yes, it’s finally here.

Just in time for the big special, IKEA Singapore’s latest advertisement is a throwback to one of the show’s most, shall we say, pivotal scenes.

Remember when Ross, Rachel, and Chandler struggled to get that huge couch up their walk-up and into the apartment?

Those who’ve moved into an apartment with large furniture would’ve known their struggles well. Not only is it heavy, but most of the time they can’t even fit through the doors!

Well, with IKEA sofas, such struggles won’t ever be a reality. The Swedish manufacturer specializes in flat-pack furniture, including sofas, so everything arrives in your home is a neat, minimal pack. No need to try and squeeze bulky items through narrow doorways.

A version that looks just like the one in the long-running sitcom is IKEA’s EKTORP sofa, which seats three. “Could it BE any easier with flat-packed sofas?” the company asks. Indeed, the three characters could have spent some of that pivoting time elsewhere, such as sitting down to watch their favorite flicks.

To catch the Friends reunion special while all snuggled up in your IKEA sofa, head to HBO Go.

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