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Cheeky Browser Extension Exchanges Your Web Cookies With 100lbs Of Real Cookies

by rrollins, April 28, 2021

Image via MSCHF

Someone teach Cookie Monster about internet privacy, because letting him join the web via the ‘Cooooookies’ browser extension ain’t it.

MSCHF, the same art stunt collective that brought you those viral Satan Shoes, is back with a new ironic statement. It has launched a new game, called Cooooookies, that challenges you to collect as many browser cookies as possible. In return, it will reward the person who hoards the most digital cookies with the real-life version: 100 pounds of it.

“Every website acts like a drug pusher who got into baking: want cookies, buddy? Got some cookies for you!” MSCHF jokes.

Cooooookies is downloadable as a Chrome extension. Once activated, it tracks the number of browser cookies—which track internet activity themselves—that you accept around the web. The clock stops on May 3, 2021 at 1pm ET, and whoever stockpiles the most internet cookies by then will be able to redeem 100 pounds of real cookies.

You can download the plugin here. As you crunch those numbers, ask yourself: are those cookies worth it?

Image via MSCHF

[via Mashable, images via MSCHF]

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