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Quick Photoshop Trick To Fake A Long-Exposure Photo In Just Minutes

by rrollins, April 24, 2021

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Video screenshot via Adobe Photoshop

It takes a generous amount of patience and technique, plus a quality camera, to capture great long-exposure shots. Not only must the elements be in your favor that day, but you’ll also need to set up your equipment right and leave your shutter open for a long while to nail that photo.

However, if you have one amazing still landscape photo, you can quickly simulate long-exposure images and be free of all that effort. In a short two-minute tutorial by Adobe Photoshop, Adobe principal evangelist Julieanne Kost shares that doing this is possible with the Path Blur filter.

To locate it, head over to Filter > Convert for Smart Filters > Blur Gallery > Path Blur in Photoshop. You’ll then see a new side menu and a slider appear on your now ultra-foggy photo; toggle their parameters to adjust the image’s “motion” or blurriness.

Once you’re satisfied with the effect, you can move on to de-blurring areas you want to stay in focus, adding a beautiful sky photo to simulate changes in the atmosphere, and then blurring that too.

Kost details the procedure step by step in the video below.

While the process of taking a real slow-shutter picture in the outdoors would be more gratifying than faking one, how about spending this newfound time at home learning some nifty editing and productivity tricks?

[via Adobe Photoshop]

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