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Did You Know: Toblerone’s Shape Has A ‘Sexier’ Muse Unrelated To The Swiss Alps

by rrollins, March 26, 2021

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Did You Know? is a design trivia segment brought to you by DesignTAXI in which we explore some of the most surprising tidbits of well-loved designs or brands.

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It is widely believed that Toblerone’s chocolate peak packaging is shaped after the highlands of its place of origin. However, there’s been much debate about this.

Toblerone claims that there’s a “sexier” side to the story transcending the Matterhorn and Swiss Alps. In fact, you’ll have to scoot over to Paris to possibly trace the roots of its packaging.

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Coca-Cola’s Got the Hourglass Figure. As for Toblerone…

As shared by the company itself, the sons of Toblerone founder Theodor Tobler argued that the triangular packaging was inspired by a cabaret show he attended at the Folies Bergère in Paris.

The performers, clad in frilly red and cream attire, formed a “shapely” human triangle during the finale of the night. Tobler was apparently so enamored with the choreography and their athleticism, he eternalized this pyramidic shape into the Toblerone bar.

It’s a “sexier” chunk of heritage that Toblerone has come to embrace.

There’s More to Bear

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Another tidbit to share, something that has been properly established as a fact by Toblerone parent Mondelēz International, is that there’s a bear at the side of the mountain in the Toblerone packaging and logo.

The creature is a nod to the coat of arms of Bern, the Swiss capital, which is also known as the City of Bears.

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