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Adobe Photoshop Shows You How To Colorize Photos Within Seconds

by rrollins, January 28, 2021

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Video screenshot via Adobe Photoshop

It’s fascinating to watch old black and white photos come alive after getting a splash of color. And now, you can do it too in a matter of seconds.

To guide you along, Photoshop Evangelist Paul Trani has demonstrated how you colorize images using the software’s new Neural Filters category, which is still in beta.

First, be sure that your Photoshop CC has been updated to the latest version.

With the newest update, you can find the ‘Colorize’ feature by heading over to Filter > Neural Filters. You’ll then see the option to download the ‘Colorize’ filter, which will take up about 130MB of disk space.

Image via Adobe

Next, enable the ‘Colorize’ tool by selecting the circle next to the filter.

The filter uses the Adobe Sensei AI to recognize colors most likely to be filled in areas of a photo.

Of course, the creative community isn’t always into conformity. So if you wish to replace one of the predicted hues with something else, or if Photoshop doesn’t pick the correct color, you can pin the desired area and choose another one. This addition will be marked as a Smarter Filter or Smart Object.

Check below to watch the tutorial, which will take no longer than 1.5 minutes.

[via PetaPixel, images via various sources]

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